Celebrating 45 Years of Houston Nightlife this year!

Orientation Week Festival | Houston

Event Date:聽

August 26, 2021
饾槸饾槹饾樁饾槸 [ C ] UK (/藞thuh aw路ree路uhn路tei路shn feh路stuh路vl/) “the legendary annual combined university party in Houston that sells out every single year!”
In other words, it is that time of the year again, time to kick off the semester in style. Save the date, put yourself on attending, and make sure you don’t miss the largest party of the semester.. 鈿馃尨
For the third year in a row, we are hosting the Combined University Party on an amazing location, expect to see everyone from the University of Houston, UHD, TSU and many more in our favorite venue of the city, we鈥檝e been inside for too long, so there is no excuse, we will see you on the dance floor! 馃帀
岽薀岽浭溼磸岽溕⑹ 瑟岽 薀岽忈磸岽嬯湵 薀瑟岽嬦磭 岽♂磭 隃吧瘁磤薀薀蕪 岽勧磤纱 蕼岽岽犪磭 岽 散岽忈磸岽 岽浬磵岽 岽散岽瑟纱 岽纱岽 岽勧磸岽嶀磭 岽涐磸散岽囜礇蕼岽囀, 岽薀薀 薀岽忈磩岽薀 岽勧磸蕗岽徤瘁磤 岽嶀磭岽隃贬礈蕗岽囮湵 岽∩熓 蕶岽 隃搬磸薀薀岽忈础岽囜磪. 岽薀薀 岽岽涐礇岽嚿瘁磪岽囜磭隃 岽∩熓 蕶岽 瑟纱隃搬磸蕗岽嶀磭岽 岽蕶岽忈礈岽 岽浭溼磭隃贬磭 瑟纱 岽岽呩礌岽纱岽勧磭.
鈻柆鈻 Tickets 鈻柆鈻
Tickets for our events sell out online in advance.The only difference between the rounds is the price. The sooner you buy, the cheaper your ticket.
鈻♀枴鈻♀枴 Round 1: $ 4.5 (SOLD OUT)
鈻♀枴鈻♀枴 Round 2: $ 9.5
鈻♀枴鈻♀枴 Round 3: $ 14.5
鈻♀枴鈻♀枴 Round 4: $ 19.5
鈻柆鈻 Event Details 鈻柆鈻
馃拑 Dress up ; )
馃晼 10PM- 2AM
鈩癸笍 Tickets are non refundable, but transferable
馃敒Important: 18+ To enter 21+ To order alcoholic beverages. Please take a valid ID (Driver License, ID Card, or Passport)