Celebrating 43 Years of Houston Nightlife this year

Concert History – 2000-2009

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Jan 25th, 2000 Macy Gray
Jan 27th, 2000 Machinehead
Feb 3rd, 2000 Reverend Horton Heat
Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars
Feb 27th, 2000 Lords of Acid
Praga Kahn
Genaside II
Mar 29th, 2000 Methods Of Mayhem
Crazy Town
Apr 13th, 2000 Genitortures
Bozo Porno Circus
May 7th, 2000 MXPX
Ghoti Hook
May 21st, 2000 Del Tha Funky Homosapien
May 23rd, 2000 Stereolab
Chicago Underground Duo
May 25th, 2000 Reverend Horton Heat
Los Straitjackets
Jun 2nd, 2000 Matchbox Twenty
Jun 17th, 2000 Flesh Fest 2000
Bozo Porno Circus
Jul 10th, 2000 Eve 6
Dynamite Hack
Jul 23rd, 2000 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Meg Lee Chin
Bozo Porno Circus
Aug 10th, 2000 Stroke 9
Aug 13th, 2000 Cowboy Mouth
Aug 15th, 2000 Papa Roach
Apex Theory
Aug 17th, 2000 Dido
Aug 24th 2000 Given
Sep 11th, 2000 Weezer
Dynamite Hack
Sep 14th, 2000 Tonic
Sep 17th, 2000 Kings X
Poe Dunk
Atomic Opera
Sep 26th, 2000 Travis
Remy Zero
Oct 19th, 2000 Elliott Smith
Nov 3rd, 2000 Fuel
Full Devil Jacket
Dec 5th, 2000 Bloodhound Gang
Feb 22nd, 2001 Everlast
Dexter Freebish
Mar 3rd, 2001 The Hunger
Mar 10th, 2001 MxPx
Slick Shoes
Good Charlotte
Mar 12th, 2001 Yngwie Malmsteen
Lizzy Borden
Mar 22nd, 2001 The Toadies
May 19th, 2001 Fear Factory
No One
May 26th, 2001 G Love and Special Sauce
May 27th, 2001 Delicate Terror
May 31st, 2001 61 Cygni
Jun 2nd, 2001 Blue October
Jun 13th, 2001 Tortoise
Mouse on Mars
Jun 23rd, 2001 Buckcherry
Jun 25th, 2001 Ohgr(Singer from Skinny Puppy)
Aug 23, 2001 The Skabs
Aug 25th, 2001 Henry Rollins Band
Sep 2nd, 2001 Flesh Fest II
Bozo Porno Circus
Sep 6th, 2001 Nocturne
Sep 16th, 2001 Cowboy Junkies
Over The Rhine
Sep 20th, 2001 Cruxshadowns
Bella Morte
Oct 4th, 2001 Red Flag
Oct 21st, 2001 Sugarcult
Reunion Show
Oct 31st, 2001 Vampire Ball
Bozo Porno Circus
Bamboo Crisis
Flowers and Machines
Nov 1st , 2001 Kottonmouth Kings
Nov 3rd, 2001 Rock the Red Cross
The Hunger
Un Loco
Man Mechanical
The White Papers
Nov 7th, 2001 Cowboy Mouth
Nov 8th, 2001 Flickerstick
Phantom Planet
Nov 16th, 2001 De La Soul
Nov 17th, 2001 Stereolab
Rebecca Gates
Nov 27, 2001 Sum 41
The Vandals
The Gob
Jan 13th, 2002 Jello Biafra
Feb 16th, 2002 DJ Micro
Feb 25th, 2002 Sevendust
Gravity Kills
Mar 14th, 2002 They Might Be Giants
Mar 16th, 2002 Better Than Ezra
Blue October
Mar 19th, 2002 Meg Lee Chin
Mar 21st, 2002 Immaculate Black
Apr 11th, 2002 Reverend Horton Heat
Nashville Pussy
Apr 15th, 2002 Spiritualized
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Apr 22nd, 2002 KRS-ONE
Apr 30th, 2002 John Spencer Blues Explosion
May 30th, 2002 Peter Murphy
Jun 8th, 2002 Snoop Dogg
Lil’ Flip
Jun 11th, 2002 KMFDM
Kidney Thieves
Jun 26th, 2002 Coal Chamber
American Head Charge
Jul 16th, 2002 Goldfinger
Aug 10th, 2002 The Hunger
The Tie That Binds
Aug 12th, 2002 The Breeders
Imperial Teen
Poster Children
Aug 14th, 2002 The Hates
Bo Pat
My Twilight Pilot
Sep 1st, 2002 CoRE Suspension
Sep 9th, 2002 Hatebreed
Six Feet Under
Shadows Fall
Death Threat
Sep 21st, 2002 Balaam & The Angel
Sep 26th, 2002 Sevendust
Oct 3rd, 2002 Chris Connelly
Meg Lee Chin
Oct 10th, 2002 The Disco Biscuits
Oct 19th, 2002 Brad
Oct 20th, 2002 Meshell Ndegeocello
Oct 26th, 2002 Lords Of Acid
Oct 31st, 2002 The Vampire Ball
Nov 2nd, 2002 The Wailers
Nov 7th, 2002 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Nov 9th, 2002 Metal Fest
Nov 10th, 2002 Cruxshadows
Nov 14th, 2002 Bile
Nov 15th, 2002 Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Nov 16th, 2002 Jerry Cantrell
Comes With The Fall
Nov 17th, 2002 X
Southern Backtones
30 Foot Fall
Nov 21st, 2002 Vanessa Carlton
Nov 23rd, 2002 Chris Robinson
Dec 4th, 2002 The Down and Dirties
The Bulemics
Dec 7th, 2002 Saliva
Dec 14th, 2002 Nayrok
Dec 21st, 2002 Guest DJ
Dec 22nd, 2002 Scarface
Jan 11th, 2003 Pan Sonic
Jan 25th, 2003 Galactic
Feb 3rd, 2003 Wallflowers
Feb 4th, 2003 Papa Roach
Feb 13th, 2003 Cowboy Mouth
Maroon 5
Mar 1st, 2003 Keller Williams
Mar 9th, 2003 The Roots
Cody Chestnut
Mar 11th, 2003 Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Mar 14th, 2003 Erasure
Cooler Kids
Mar 15th, 2003 Pan Sonic
Mar 16th, 2003 Concrete Blonde
Mar 19th, 2003 Pigface
The Last Dance
Mar 30th, 2003 Macy Gray
Apr 2nd, 2003 Pigface
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Apr 3rd, 2003 Less than Jake
Big Wig
Apr 5th, 2003 Kelly Osbourne
Har Mar Superstar
Apr 8th, 2003 Ministry
Lollipop Lust Kill
Apr 9th, 2003 David Allen Coe
Apr 19th, 2003 Taking Back Sunday
From Autumn to Ashes
Count The Stars
Apr 20th, 2003 The Ataris
Further Seems Forever
The Juliana Theory
Apr 22nd, 2003 The Cramps
Gore Gore Girls
Apr 23rd, 2003 Lagwagon
Apr 26th, 2003 The Faint
Les Savy Fav
Schneider TM
Apr 30th, 2003 Sepultra
May 4th, 2003 Ween
May 7th, 2003 Bones Thugs N Harmony
May 10th, 2003 Ratdog
May 16th, 2003 Matrix Reloaded Record Release
May 24th, 2003 Pan Sonic
May 27th, 2003 Musiq Soulchild
Jaguar Wright
May 29th, 2003 Sunshine Blind
Jun 12th, 2003 Better than Ezra
Jul 7th, 2003 Hanzel und Gretyl
Jul 11th, 2003 80’s Fashion Flashback
Jul 12th, 2003 The Hunger
Jul 15th, 2003 The Fall
Jul 30th, 2003 The Hates/ local nominated winners
Jul 31st, 2003 Reel Big Fish
Riddlin’ Kids
Aug 2nd, 2003 Taproot
Aug 9th, 2003 Blue October
Sep 3rd, 2003 Type O Negative
Lacuna Coil
Sep 4th, 2003 CoRE Suspension
Sep 18th, 2003 Hanson
Sep 24th, 2003 Granddaddy
Super Furry Animals
Sep 28th, 2003 Fischerspooner
Sep 29th, 2003 Take Action Tour
Oct 4th, 2003 The Mars Volta
Oct 16th, 2003 Guster
Oct 18th, 2003 Dropkick Murphys
Oct 19th, 2003 Exposure
Oct 25th, 2003 Bozo Porno Circus
Nov 6th, 2003 CURSIVE
Nov 7th, 2003 Thursday / Thrice
Coheed & Cambria
Nov 9th, 2003 Death Cab for Cutie
Nada Surf
Nov 13th, 2003 KMFDM
Nov 15th, 2003 Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Nov 18th, 2003 The Last Dance
Nov 19th, 2003 Vagrant Tour
Alkaline Trio
Nov 20th, 2003 Seven Mary Three
Paris Green
Nov 29th, 2003 Infernal
Dec 6th, 2003 The Mavericks
Feb 20th, 2004 Galactic
Drums & Tuba
Mar 11th, 2004 Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Mar 18th, 2004 Liz Phair
Rachael Yamagata
Mar 19th, 2004 The Crystal Method
Mar 23rd, 2004 Story of the Year
Mike Joyce
Andy Rourke
Mar 30th, 2004 Fantomas feat. Mike Patton
Melt Banana
Mar 31st, 2004 GameRiot
Apr 22nd, 2004 Genotorturers
Pitbull Daycare
Apr 28th, 2004 G Love & Special Sauce
May 1st, 2004 Silverleaf in concert w/ CD release event for Youthaids
May 15th, 2004 Melissa Etheridge
May 16th, 2004 Melissa Etheridge
Jun 6th, 2004 The Domination Tour
Sister Machine Gun
Christ Analogue
Jun 9th, 2004 Talib Kweli
Jun 12th, 2004 Tribal/Industrial/Experimental Showcase
Jun 24th, 2004 Monster Party
Jul 29th, 2004 The Last Dance
Jul 31st, 2004 Keoki
Aug 7th, 2004 Cowboy Junkies
Oct 17th, 2004 Bad Religion
Rise Against
From First To Last
Oct 21st, 2004 Pink Hair & Peace
Oct 24th, 2004 Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Oct 28th, 2004 Better than Ezra
Oct 29th, 2004 Death Cab for Cutoe
Nov 2nd, 2004 Damageplan
Nov 5th, 2004 Sparta
Nov 11th, 2004 CoRE Suspension
Nov 13th, 2004 Coheed & Cambria
Nov 21st, 2004 The Faint
TV on the Radio
Dec 11th, 2004 Magnetic Fields
Darren Fields
Darren Hanlon
Dec 18th, 2004 Scarface
Jan 12th, 2005 Jimmy Eat World
Jan 23rd, 2005 SCARFACE
Feb 5th, 2005 KEOKI
Feb 24th, 2005 Interpol
Blonde Redhead
Mar 16th, 2005 The Wreckers
Tyler Hilton
Mar 24th, 2005 XZIBIT
Mar 26th, 2005 Revolution
Apr 2nd, 2005 A Kiss in the Dreamhouse w/ Los Ramones
Apr 21st, 2005 The Crystal Method
Evil Nine
April 22nd, 2005 Billy Idol
Apr 27th, 2005 Pigface
Sheep on Drugs
May 7th, 2005 Rilo Kiley
May 19th, 2005 New Found Glory
Reggie and the Full Effect
Jul 6th, 2005 Lifehouse
Rocco de Luca
Jul 9th, 2005 Bob Schneider
Sep 17th, 2005 The Hunger
Sep 22nd, 2005 The Walkmen
Sep 29th, 2005 Genitorturers
Oct 8th, 2005 The Cured
Los Ramones
A Kiss in the Dreamhouse
Oct 13th, 2005 Papa Reu
Oct 15th, 2005 Miss Kittin
West Fest Compressed
Oct 29th, 2005 Halloween Monster Bash
Asmodeus X
Oct 31st, 2005 Morgue City
Nov 12th, 2005 Andy Bell (from Erasure)
Nov 14th, 2005 Hawthorne Heights
Nov 15th, 2005 Thrice
The Bled
Nov 16th, 2005 The Simple Plan
Straylight Run
Nov 18th, 2005 Ben Folds
Nov 19th, 2005 Doc Martin
Nov 20th, 2005 The English Beat
Los Skarnales
Nov 26th, 2005 Biz Markie
Dec 7th, 2005 Senses Fail
Saves the Day
Dec 17th, 2005 Spain Colored Orange
The Octopus Project
Dec 29th, 2005 Bob Schneider
Jan 21st, 2006 Of Montreal
Jan 26th, 2006 Dethkultur BBQ
Jan 28th, 2006 Moda Foca
Jan 31st, 2006 Slightly Stoopid
Feb 4th, 2006 Spoon
Sons of Hercules
Feb 17th, 2006 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Mar 14th, 2006 Mogwai
May 4th, 2006 Mute Math
May 17th, 2006 Violent Femmes
May 27th, 2006 Vertigo Blue
Jun 8th, 2006 Kaos
Jun 10th, 2006 Shellac
Jul 1st, 2006 The Cured
Jul 12th, 2006 Rob Bell
Jul 20th, 2006 The Format
Jul 30th, 2006 Sect of Fate
Sep 16th, 2006 Anything Box
Sep 23rd, 2006 Snog
Oct 14th, 2006 Mute Math
Oct 19th, 2006 Hellogoodbye
Oct 22nd, 2006 Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Oct 24th, 2006 Say Anything
Nov 2nd, 2006 Suicide Girls Burlesque Tour
Nov 9th, 2006 Tilly and the Wall
Nov 11th, 2006 The Cured
Dec 2nd, 2006 Mates of State
Dec 3rd, 2006 Bouncing Souls
Dec 10th, 2006 The Black Keys
Jan 11th, 2007 Cruxshadows
Feb 17th, 2007 Of Montreal
Mar 1st, 2007 Isis
Mar 7th, 2007 Explosions in the Sky
Mar 10th, 2007 Deerhoof
Mar 22nd, 2007 Peekaboo Theory
Deus Machinia
Apr 5th, 2007 Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Apr 14th, 2007 Blood Brothers
Apr 22nd, 2007 Tapes N' Tapes
May 27th, 2007 Melt Banana
May 28th, 2007 EL-P
May 31st, 2007 Penny Royal
Jun 23rd, 2007 Battles
Jul 1st, 2007 Machina
Jul 7th, 2007 The Booked
Jul 30th, 2007 The Koffin Kats
Aug 18th, 2007 Vertigo Blue
Aug 23rd, 2007 Red Alert
Sep 20th, 2007 Midlake
Sep 25th, 2007 Pinback
Oct 4th, 2007 The Octopus Project
Oct 20th, 2007 Minus the Bear
Oct 28th, 2007 Bella Morte
Nov 2nd, 2007 Of Montreal
Nov 5th, 2007 Koffin Kats
Nov 6th, 2007 Bayside
Nov 18th, 2007 The Groove Presents - Little Brother - Get Back Tour
Nov 24th, 2007 Penny Royal
Jan 13th, 2008 Element Eighty
Jan 26th, 2008 The Templars
Jan 30th, 2008 Donkey Punch
Feb 16th, 2008 Red Flag
Mar 6th, 2008 Papi Chulo!
Mar 10th, 2008 The Slits
Mar 17th, 2008 Gooferman
Apr 12th, 2008 And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
Apr 13th, 2008 British Sea Power
Apr 20th, 2008 G Styles
May 24th, 2008 American Sharks
May 31st, 2008 The Cured
Jun 7th, 2008 Gendermyn
Jun 14th, 2008 My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Jul 9th, 2008 Murphy's Law
Jul 26th, 2008 Resilience
Sep 6th, 2008 Gendermyn
Oct 23rd, 2008 Health
Oct 29th, 2008 Morgue City
Oct 30th, 2008 Sole
Skyrider Band
Nov 6th, 2008 Deerhoof
Nov 19th, 2008 Flosstradamus
Nov 27th, 2008 Pure
Jan 3rd, 2009 Erase the Virus
Jan 17th, 2009 The McKenzies
Feb 2nd, 2009 Broken Social Scene
Feb 17th, 2009 Archetype
Feb 26th, 2009 Macabre
Feb 28th, 2009 The Juan Maclean
Mar 7th, 2009 Hardcore Havoc
Mar 22nd, 2009 Aids Wolf
Apr 9th, 2009 Plain White T's
Apr 20th, 2009 Mogwai
May 2nd, 2009 Bozo Porno Circus
May 9th, 2009 Havasu
May 30th, 2009 The Juan Maclean
Jun 20th, 2009 Southern Goat Ritual
Jul 4th, 2009 Come See My Dead Person
Jul 20th, 2009 House of Griffin
Aug 2nd, 2009 Devildriver
Aug 7th, 2009 Unknown Pleasures
Aug 29th, 2009 Kommunity FK
Sep 5th, 2009 Tone Loc
Sep 19th, 2009 Andy Rourke
Sep 26th, 2009 Mic Skills
Dec 12th, 2009 Peanut Butter Wolf